Coming from out of state with little time, it can be a costly proposition, one weekend to one day may be the only time you have to find that place to call home. We would start by asking some very important questions what city or town, neighborhood, school, malls, work location, budget, whatever it may be, by answering these question we'll combine our resources to give you a list of properties to see online prior to your arrival, in addition to this we'll have the demographics for the location of choice so that you can make the right decision with little time and effort.

What we won't do
We won't waste your time trying to upsell you!  Or show you homes that don't fit the criteria. The relocating process is a trying time and process, if you don't have the real estate agent willing to go the extra mile in helping you with your relocation needs.

What we will do
From the day we receive your relocation request and questionnaire form, we will immediately start the relocation process, you will start to receive a list of properties for your online review when you decide and schedule your arrival we will reserve our time to show you your pre-selected prospective properties.

Our extended services
Let's say you found that special place to call home, but is in need of painting, carpet cleaning or simply prepped for your arrival.  We have implemented a structured, licensed and insured force of professionals with fair and competitive pricing to assist in making this happen in a timely and professional fashion. This saves you money and time!

For a pre-authorized hourly fee we can assist in having the small and large jobs finished before you and your family arrive. Opening and closing of doors for contractors, checking and approving work and if needed, we can schedule a full-time foreman to oversee all procedures.  Let us assist you in making life easy, all before you arrive.


Let us know what you're looking for:

Relocating to another state, city, 

or rural setting.

We want help you find that Unique Property with the least amount of stress

Sharon Ramirez



New job, just married, or simply want a new beginning let us help you find the special place in the city or rural setting, whatever it is that suits your needs, raising a family or live in a setting for your retirement. Not knowing where to begin finding a new home can be frustrating, Let us help you locate that special home in that new location.

Whether you're 1 mile away or coming from around the world, moving a company with hundreds of employees, let us help you make the transition. Looking for a new home, a mature setting in a well-established neighborhood in the city or suburb with a price point that fits your budget.

Don't wait!  Make contact as early as the wind blows a hint of change, so that we can get you scheduled ahead of the pack and most importantly when housing is still available, as we all know the price is dictated by availability.