The Home Buyer Packet was created to assist you in the buying process, with the very reason for buying a home, home search criteria, neighborhood factors, Behind the scenes of buying a home checklists and contacts. 

The Advantage of having a Realtor - Share this printable pdf file with your spouse or those who are thinking of buying or selling your first or 10th home yourself.  

Congratulations it's time to move into your new home. Here is a list to help you this complicated inconvenient process. Print this 9 page list loaded with helpful information. 

Don't be fooled it's not you they work for! 

Working with a home builder or home development company. It's no secret a builder or developer is out for the best interest of their business. Let your realtor work for you!   

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Real Estate Terms - Here is a printable dictionary of common real estate terms so that your not lost in the buying and selling process. 


This 4 page list of questions covers information to assist you before you buyer your home. With pre-qualifications, how much can I afford, down payments qualifying. 

The Loan Application Checklist inpowers you with the a valuable check list in what you need to do in applying for a loan.  


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A Helpful Tip's

For the first time buyer and the multi property investor, we believe knowledge is power, power is confidence. Confidence allows you to control your money (investment) without fear. We at PSRA Properties and Equity Colorado Real Estate offer some helpful tips on the Real Estate buying and selling process. Here you will also find helpful information designed and created to assist you in a difficult and challenging time of buying and selling. Note: Many of the tips are in a printable pdf version.