Gas, Electric & Water

Gas and electric will require a call from you to the local utility provider to have it transferred to your name following closing. Typically water is automatically transferred following closing,

TV - Cable or Dish?

Contact the company of your choice and schedule hookup for the date of closing or following closing date.

Remember to have your mail transferred to your PO Box or your new address this too is a good idea within a day or two of your move-in date.

School -  Check location start date, time, snow days, and holidays, use the quick link to find your schools.

Trash removal is always very important, with all the boxes and packing material, the last thing you want is trash blowing around the neighborhood or a garage full of trash. If you're moving in on Friday, Monday pick-up would be a good time. 

If you had planned on replacing carpet or wanting to paint the interior or exterior before you move into your new home following closing, it would be a good idea to have this scheduled following the date and time of closing. 

Need help!  Ask about our services and service contacts, to assist you in preparing your home for selling or moving in. Our services and service contacts include cleaning, painting, schedule prior to your move in date or after.


Public, Private and Colleges

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New to the neighborhood! This page is created to assist you in locating your local water, gas, electric, trash removal, local entertainment, demographics, state information, DMV, even weather conditions can be found here, all to save you time.  Use my resource page created and designed for buyers & sellers to provide information and data to help you ready your new home for that special move in date or prepare for the market so it sells.

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