There is much more that goes into the final procedure of buying and selling with each of the above steps, each listed item has many intricate details that only knowledge and experience can offer, rest assured we're here for you. 

Equity Real Estate is one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the United States!  Our brokerage has been shaped around the needs of our clients. We've risen to the top by keeping our promises and exceeding expectations.  

In a complicated and time consuming procedure leave it to us, the professional's in making it easy!  The following list is a simple breakdown of a proven procedure of how we work in maximizing our efforts for a smooth transition from start to finish.  

Steps and procedures from the beginning

      Buying a home 

  • Explain steps and procedure
  • Listen to your concerns and needs 
  • Sign easy standard buyers agreement
  • Prequalify - Direct buyer to lender (if needed)
  • Extensive property search
  • Evaluate prospective properties
  • Schedule showing per your schedule
  • Prospective purchase inspection inclusions/exclusions
  • Contract offer form completion and submit
  • Schedule inspection - attend inspection
  • Schedule closing date
  • ​Progression Reports
  • Attend closing with buyer​ 



The information between you and your lender is strictly confidential such as credit (FICO score) work details/history, all we need to know is your prequalification amount. 

We can direct and assist in locating basic information per school's and School curriculum.   

You're not in this alone! We are here to assist you form start to finish!



What you will receive is 100% of our attention, knowledge, expertise and dedication..

Steps and procedures from the beginning 

      Listing your home 

  • Sign easy standard listing terms
  • Order Title Work
  • Free property analysis's and staging 
  • Assemble highlight verbiage and details of the property  
  • Upload property photos
  • Enter listing into metro list 
  • Upload listing live on marketing media
  • Create brochures
  • Create property personal web page 
  • Manage contracts
  • Schedule and track showing
  • Spotlight/enhance listing
  • Constant realtor to client contact 
  • Progression reports​